Dr. Tomasz Łysak


Affiliation / Profession: University of Warsaw

Research interests: Holocaust representation in various media, film, photography, psychoanalysis, trauma studies

Current research project: “From Newsreel to Post-traumatic Film: Documentary and Artistic Films about the Holocaust” sponsored by Narodowe Centrum Nauki (National Centre for Science)

Latest publications: “On the Impossibility of Believing in the Documentary. Dariusz Jabłoński’s Photographer,” Kwartalnik Filmowy, special issue 2013, 130-31. “Reconstruction or Creation? The Liberation of a Concentration Camp in Andrzej Wajda’s Landscape After Battle,” Slovo vol. 25 no. 1 2013, 31-47. „Strategies of Recall: Post-1989 Polish Documentary and Artistic Films on the Holocaust,” in Erkundungen, Verhandlungen, Interventionen: Wie in Ostmitteleuropa nach 1989 an den Holocaust erinnert wird (Literatur, Kunst, Film, Alltag), Kadmos, Berlin 2010, .